Man with kayakKayaking is practiced worldwide by people with versatile interests and abilities.

Bulgaria is a wonderful place for practicing this sport. The great natural diversity allows you to enjoy different types of kayaking. Adventurebg offers the three most popular types of kayaking:

  • Kayak tourism
  • Kayak in whitewater
  • Sea kayak
allowing everyone to enjoy this sport. No matter which type you prefer, you will have the opportunity to experience nature and to feel free.

This is the only way to reach places of wild beauty, unapproachable by any other place. You will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of animals and birds, which you will see during this trip.

Man with kayak on campWe will shortlist some more things which also make this trip worth it:

good places to camp, sunset, dinner, drink, fire, sleeping in a cozy sleepingbag, sunrise, after sunrise coffee, breakfast thrill of new places, great pictures , chance to experience nature and to feel free


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