We have 4 paintball playgrounds in our base near the town of Elhovo.

Prices – starting packages

Instructions and a referee;
З levs equipment rental fee;
marker – set, protection mask and vest, camouflage suite.

  • 60 bullets – 7 levs
  • 100 bullets – 10 levs
  • 150 bullets – 13 levs
  • 200 bullets – 17 levs

Additional bullets – 0,10 levs per bullet
Upon preliminary request, we can organize games on any of the fields above.
Maximum number of players – 14
All players must be above 14 years old.


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Тийм Билдинг

         "Една верига не е по-силна от най-слабото си звено и ако дори само един от екипа не може да се справи, всички останали страдат." Дайън Форчън

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