Team in raft boatRafting or whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity using a raft on whitewater or different degrees of rough water.The origins of this sport is coming from North America, the first rafters are actually lumbermen who were traveling down the rivers with tree logs. Today the feeling is almost the same, but now whitewaters drag inflatable rubber boats.

People who lower the boats are called rafters and are united by their love of the mighty waters. This is a popular sport in Bulgaria for several years, but those who have tried once return again to the White River. The fast waters of the rivers Struma and upper stream of the Arda River are best for rafting.

Rafting experience is without limits. Unforgettable and unprecedented adventure. This is a touch of the power of a river. One goes with a fear passing the river filled with adrenaline and out of the water charged with limitless positive energy.This is a great way to "recharge" at the end of the step and tense week for anyone who wants to forget the dynamic life in the city to escape the urban architecture and to seek solitude with nature.


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             "Една верига не е по-силна от най-слабото си звено и ако дори само един от екипа не може да се справи, всички останали страдат." Дайън Форчън

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